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Web Sites

Tamagotchi Adoption Agency: Here you can can buy/sell/trade tamagotchies!
Cyber Pets: Tamagotchi Fever: This is a nicely put-together site.
Tamagotchi Sites: This is also a site for more tamagotchi links (not mine).
Tamagotchi by Bandai: This is a AOL keyword. It's Bandai's tamagotchi site.
Ben's TAMAGOTCHI Page: This is also a nicely put-together site.
Tamagotchi Collector's Page: This is a nice site.
Tamagotchi On-Line: This is the best tamagotchi site I've seen so far. A five star site by far!
MG's TAMAGOTCHI homepage: This is a nice site.
The Unoffical Tamagotchi Page: This is a very informative site!
Tamagotchi Fever!: Another one! This is cool!
Lycos Search: tamagotchi: Here are some Tamagotchi pics!
Web Crawler Search: tamagotchi: Here are alot more tamagotchi sites!
Advice for Tamagotchi Owners: That's what it is!