About Pochacco

NAME: Pochacco (This is because in Japenese, Pocha pocha means chubby, which he certainly is.)

BIRTHDAY: Febuary 29 (He's a "leap" dog!)

BIRTHPLACE: Uguisu Yokocho (Nightgale Ln.) in Brazil

PERSONALITY: Curious, but a little scatter-brained.

HABIT: Tries to walk in one direction, but somehow also ends up straying off the path in search of something new.

HOBBY: Talking walks

SPECIALTY: Walking on his hind legs, despite the fact that he's a dog. (But sometimes he trips on his own feet!)

LIKES: Renge-so (Chinese milk vetch) That's why he loves Spring!

DREAMS ABOUT: Eating Banana Ice Cream until his tummy is full! (That's why he likes Summer so much!)

BEST FRIEND: Pochacco can make friends with anyone he meets on the road, but his true friend of friends is Choppie the mouse.

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