You are now the caretaker for a genuine Tamagotchi. Tamagotchi is a cyber creature who has traveled millions of miles from its home planet to learn about what life is like on earth. Let me explain how to care for your Tamagotchi.

* One earth day is equal to about one year for Tamagotchi.
* Tamagotchi will change several times before it reaches its adult form.
* It seems that the shape, personality and life of each Tamagotchi is based on how well you take care of it. Each time you hatch a new Tamagotchi, it could grow up to be any one of several adult forms. Tamgotchi will always return to its home planet. How well you take care for it determines how long Tamagotchi stays on Earth. When it's time for Tamagotchi to return to its home planet, there's nothing you can do. But, don't worry, you can always hatch another eggs.

0 to 5 YEARS: Try harder next time
6 to 10 YEARS: Room for improvment
11 to 16 YEARS: Good job
17 to 22 YEARS: Excellent
23+ YEARS: Amazing!

In order to hatch another Tamagotchi, press A and C buttons simultaneously and a new pulsating egg will appear. In about 5 minutes, a new Tamagotchi will be born. Maybe you will raise a different version of Tamagotchi this time. Try it and see.

As soon as Tamagotchi hatches, it will beep at you for attention. This is where the heath meter comes in handy. You can determine the mood, health, and behavior of Tamgotchi with the heath meter. Tamagotchi will need to be feed and played with soon after ithatches. In order to start Tamagotchi on a good growth path, you must take good care of Tamagotchi right from the start.

There are a total of 4 hearts on the "Happy" and "Hunger" screens and they all start out health. The more hearts that are filled in, the better satisfied Tamagotchi is. You must feed or play with Tamagotchi in order to fill in the empty hearts. If you keep Tamagotchi full and happy, it will grow into a cute, happy, cyber creature. If you neglect Tamagotchi, it will grow into an unattractive alien. DISCIPLINE STATUS CHECK
As the meter moves towards the right, it indicates you are raising a well-behaved Tamagotchi.
The higher the discipline scale, the less trouble and better behaved Tamagotchi will be. The key to increasing the discipline meter is to make sure you scold Tamagotchi when neccessary. If Tamagotchi beeps at you for no reason, you must discipline it.
Tamagotchi needs discipline if it:
*Beeps at you even though its full and happy
*Won't eat when its hungry
*won't play games when its not very happy

Converts and displays Tamagotchi's growth information in eart units.

When you want to know the time, press B when no icons are higlighted and the time will appear on the screen. To return to the main screen, press B again.
In order to re-set the time, press the B button to bring up the timer. Press A & C simultaneously and the word "SET" will appear on the screen. Then following the same instructions used to set the timer. Press C again to return to the regular time. Press B to return to the main screen.

NOTE: Timer cannot be adjusted if Tamagotchi is perparing to return to it's home planet.

* When you want to let Tamagotchi return home
* When you have changed the batteries
* If Tamagotchi is not fuctioning properly
* When you want to begin raising a new Tamagotchi

NOTE: Remember, do not press the reset button too hard when using a pointed object.

After Tamagotchi has hatched, the sound can be turned off by pressing A & C simultaneously. To restore sound, press A & C again.


FEED: Press A until knife and fork button is highlighted, then press B. Select either Meal or Snack by pressing the A button to move the arrow, then press the B button to feed Tamagotchi.Be careful not to overfeed Tamagotchi; if you do it will reject it.
LIGHT: Press the A button unil the light bulb icon is highlighted, then press the B button . Select either OFF or ON by pressing the A button to move the arrow, then press the B button. The light should be turned off when Tamagotchi is sleeping, or it might get restless. Tamagotchi will automatically turn the light on ehen it wakes up.
PLAY: Press the A button unil bat & ball icon is highlighted, then press the B button to begin the game. The object of the game is to guess which way Tamagotchi will turn. To choose left, press the A button. To choose right, press theB button. If you choose the correct direction, Tamagotchi will be happy. There are 5 chances in each game to match Tamagotchi; the more you match, the happier Tamagotchi will be. To stop game, press the C button.
MEDICINE: If a "skull" image appears, Tamagotchi is sick and needs medicine. Press the A button until the medicine icon is highlighted, then press B. Sometime 2 or 3 injections are needed before Tamagotchi is well.
DUCK: Just like real pets, Tamagotchi goes to the batroom. If droppings appear on the screen, it must cleaned up right away or Tamagotchi will get sick. Press A until the duck icon is higlighted, then press B to flush the screen. Tamgotchi will be very happy after the mess is cleaned up.
HEALTH METER: Check Tamagotchi's help by pressing the A button until the Health Meter is highlighted, then press B button to check Tamagotchi's age/weight, discipline, hunger, and happiness. After you have checked all the screens to see if Tamagotchi needs anything, press C to return to the main screen. You should also check this screen if Tamagotchi beeps at you and the "attention" icon is highlighted.
DISCIPLINE: Tamagotchi needs discipline if it:
1) beeps even though it is full and happy
2) won't eat when its hungury
3) won't play games when it is not happy. If you neglect to discipline Tamagotchi when needed, it might grow up into an unattractive, bad mannered alien.
ATTENTION: When this icon is highlighted, Tamagotchi needs something. Check Health Meter, to determine what Tamagotchi needs. If Tamagotchi doesn't need anything, it must be disciplined or the Attention icon will stay hightlighted.

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