Below are links to other cool sites *just for girls*! Do you see a site that you think should be on our list? Email me the name and URL of this site. I'll review it and if I like it, I put it on the list. I'll even show that you submitted it!

The Snazzy List of Links

American Girl
If you like the dolls or magazine, this is the site for you!
Girl Tech
This site is really interesting and cool!
I don't remember what this site is like exactly but it's coo!
Same name, different stuff!
Girl's Life Magazine
Based on the magazine, this is a cool site. I'm not sure if all the links work...
Girls Place
I can't remember this one...!!
Jazzy Jewelry
Lots of cool stuff! They also have neat contest...
JetSet CoolWorld
This is the site for a girl's fashion line.
Kool Stuff for Girls
This is a site with a bunch of other girl-related sites.
Sites 4 Grrls
This is another link site, but has alot more links!
Smart Girls Internette
This is a cool site!!!!!!
Teen Wish Co.
This is a site with products you can buy from them just for us! They have jewelry, nail polish...

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