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Regarding the Codes

The following are codes I have collected. Please don't email me to tell me that they don't work. Some have been said to of worked, others have not. I hope you enjoy them.

Secret Codes

Twins: When the tamagotchi is flying away, hold down A,B & C at once. After the beep, let go of B & C. While holding down the A button, press the reset button. After you press the reset button, you should come have two eggs. Set the timer as usual.
Triplet: Once the angel is on the scrren, hold down the A & C till the beep, then let go of the C button but keep holding the A button. You should getthree eggs.
(Note: This code will only working if you did the twin code before.

In order for these codes to work, you must do the code before that.
Quadroplets: After your triplets die, push the the following buttons- A & C, then A & B, then push rset. You should come out with 4 eggs.
Quints: After your 4 die, hold doqn A, B, & C together, press the reset button, and then release in the following order- C, then A, & finally B. If you did it right, you should have 5 eggs.

How do I find it's gender?
To find out if your tamagotchi is a boy or girl, following these instructions.

As soon as the tama pops out of its shell and starts moving around, hold down A, then C, then B, then release A, then C.

The Secret Screen: The secret screen is a mode for testing. You can view all the pics, see some frames, and see some checkerboard patterns.

Warning: This code will not hurt your tamgotchi, but it will RESET your tamagotchi.

Press and hold the RESET button and A for 3 seconds. It has been reported to work!

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